Top Ten Funny Robot Names

OK, I know it's a lame list, but I had detention for alot of this week, as I could NOT stop laughing in Mrs. K's English class lecture on "famous birds in Shakespeare." Has there EVER been a topic that will matter less to our future lives?

Anyhow, that guy Tony who keeps getting in trouble for starting little fires in class sat next to me for two days, and kept bugging me to make a "Top Ten" list of funny robot names. How he knows about this blog, I do not know. But, here are some names we came up with. Yes, I said we.

1. Pimp Bot. Actually, this one was popularized by Conan O'Brien, but I thought I'd throw it in there.

2. Death Juicer

3. The Elf Grinder

4. The Floss-Atron

5. Grumpbot

6. Muffy

7. Colonel Squeaky

8. Deathbunny 3000

9. Tracky McWhirrrrrrrrr!

10. Steve